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Hawthorne Patio & Driveway Cleaners can remove grime, soil and weather dirt from your patio & decking. We have high quality machinery that can lift tough dirt and stains to restore it to like new condition.

A clean patio can really add life to your garden area and looks great all year round!


Hawthorne Patio & Driveway Cleaners can remove dirt, soot & oil from your driveway. We use a variety quality machinery and techniques that can remove tough, worn in stains and dirt from your driveway.

A clean driveway can really make an impact on the front of your home!


Hawthorne Patio & Driveway Cleaners can clean a wide variety of vehicles such is caravans, campers and motorhomes without damaging paint or bodywork. This is achieved by using their high quality machinery which quickly and easily removes dirt.

Let Hawthorne get your vehicles shining once again!